Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Babylon Zoo - X-Ray Eyes

I bought The Boy With The X-Ray Eyes (1996) a decade ago but just heard the song Space Man on TV and remembered how good it was: so I bought I it again and reviewed it on iTunes. Thought I'd put the review here too:

"This is a great album. Every song has a similar kind of sonic sound, but it's not one I get tired of, and they all meld into a brilliant kind of trippy album that I can just escape into. And despite this, somehow each song also sounds fab individually. I wouldn't purchase this music song by song, dive right in and get the lot. That's what I'm doing."

"Actually, I bought this on tape a decade ago (and lost it). Unfortunately it looks like I'll need to to pay for the songs again. Not quite the way it should work - digital duplication costs nothing and I've already bought the songs. Those greedy music labels."

"Anyway, if you haven't already bought it, get it. I'm starting to hear their songs accompanying TV 'human interest' news stories which is what reminded me of how good this album is.", reviewed on iTunes, 11 Nov 2009.


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