Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Call of Duty nightmare and that's just installing. I haven't even got to the gameplay yet.

After finally completing installation, which took hours with the disk and the online updates from Steam, I started the game only to find all the text options scrambled into illegible coloured blocks. The video graphics and sound were fine and I enjoyed the introduction which I somehow started by clicking randomly on the coloured blocks. Unfortunately, text options are a critical part of the game, and eventually I could go no further.

So I searched for the problem on the internet. This gave one relevant result, but for a PS3, with the advice that they reboot their hard-drive, impractical for a PC. Instead I navigated my way past Steam into a RightNow-powered question and answer place on Activision's site. No answer matched my problem, so I put in my question (about 20 minutes ago). Now waiting.

Actually, in the meantime, I've uninstalled the game and am now reinstalling (which takes a long time, I already know). Hope it works... It didn't. Last hope with Activision.


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