Friday, November 6, 2009

Cyber Suicide

The killing of your online identities. The killing of your blog and its history. The removal of yourself from FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace and so on. The removal of your websites. We can wipe ourselves, perhaps not literally from the face of the Earth, but from the web of the internet, and this is saying something now-a-days.

Sometimes I feel like doing this when I get negative comments. In one blog community I participate in ( every participant can be rated from one to five stars. It's not a good idea. You have one person who takes a dislike to you (you don't know why or who) and they drop your rating. Not good for self-esteem. It makes me feel like committing cyber suicide in that community, removing myself and all my history from of it.

Ah well, perhaps I'll reconsider or more likely just withdraw further communication.


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