Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hated Jargon Word Of The Year: 'Stochastic'

Why are so many academics using 'stochastic' now-a-days? "...stochastic shocks...", "...stochastic model...", "...stochastic simulation...", ...

This is definately one of my most hated academic jargon words. It obscures meaning, it doesn't illuminate. Why do so many academics use so many words that obscure meaning when they should be using words that elucidate and communicate?

If in 'stochastic' you are meaning 'random' or 'random variable' use 'random' or 'random variable'! Wherever there is a plain English word for the meaning you are trying to convey use the plain English word! Please, try to communicate with us, not impress us.


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