Sunday, November 15, 2009

TheDUDE Press Release

I've done a press release for TheDUDE! Will hopefully appear on Scoop. Here's the text:

Press Release: Meet TheDUDE - A New And Irreverent Political Blog

A new and irreverent New Zealand blog on local and international issues that matter (at least to TheDUDE) has begun at The blog’s author, known mysteriously as just ‘The Author’ appears to be based in Auckland or, at least, has a familiarity with that city – this can be deduced from the content of some of the posts, such as “Auckland Street Signs SUCK!!”.

“The Dude” is the name of the blog, and The Author (whoever that is), its writer. Regardless, TheDUDE employs a short, pithy style that is to-the-point, and as a consequence, very easy to read.

The posts address some current national issues, such as the current Maori Party debacle over Hone Harawira and house prices, but it is does them from an interesting perspective, grounded in a humanitarian base with a strong rights-activism flavour.

It also addresses some fundamental issues around New Zealand identity and ethnicity in ways that haven’t commonly been projected in the traditional media, for instance the idea of New Zealand being called ‘Te Whenua o Maori’.

New posts appear about every couple of days, so there is no risk of overload, unlike other sites. And those that come are well thought through with a clear preference for only delivering the essential idea. Well worth a look and keeping a feed on.


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