Monday, December 21, 2009

Carbon Dioxide Level Means Emission Reduction Not Negotiable

The more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the hotter the planet. The hotter the planet, the higher the oceans. More heat, means more energy, means more extreme weather conditions.

“…our carbon dioxide levels have gone up so quickly, in just over a hundred years we’ve gone up from 270 to 389 parts per million – remember that in the last 3 million years it’s never been more than 270 before, never been more than 270, we’re already at 389. It’ll take the planet about 30 years to catch up with that change, so the next 30 years of climate change is in the pipeline whatever we do now. Then, after that, it all depends on our behaviour now. If our carbon dioxide levels keep going up then by the end of the century we are going to see a very significant change.” Professor Sir David King (UK’s Chief Scientific Advisor 2000-7), BBC Newsnight, 20 Dec 2009.

“There’s no reason why the European Union cannot unilaterally go for 30% [cut in emissions] instead of saying if China did this they would do that – there’s no need for this! This is not a negotiation! You cannot negotiate with the laws of the physics! You cannot cut a deal with Mother Nature! This is not a negotiation!” Mohamed Nasheed, President of the Maldives, BBC - The World Debate, 20 Dec 2009.


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