Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just Who Is The Publisher?

This is actually a bit of a poser. Is Blurb a publisher or a printer intermediary? This is a more complex question than it perhaps sounds and I won't go too far into it.

But, if Blurb is publisher they should be supplying ISBNs as a publisher of authors. If they're not then the author's using their service are their own publishers (using Blurb as a printer intermediary) and source their own ISBNs.

If Blurb claims it is the publisher without being able to supply ISBNs, then that stuffs everyone up, because no-one using their service can source an ISBN without also being a publisher. In other words, either Blurb supplies the ISBN as publisher or we supply our own as self-publishers - Blurb can't be a publisher and not supply ISBNs (or we can't get them, and ISBNs are needed).


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