Sunday, January 31, 2010

Good Ol' Ancestors

Ancestry diagram for us ROGERS/ROMILLY descendants (click on to see large - one with coats of arms, one without).

Rogers-Romilly Ancestry DiagramRogers-Romilly Ancestry Diagram with Crests


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wrong And Still Wrong

We want to hear Tony Blair say he was wrong, even if just in the way he justified the war on Iraq. We think Tony Blair is better than Bush, I do not think anyone would ever expect Bush to realise the war was wrong, but Tony Blair might be able to.

Tony Blair was wrong to invade another country in order to continue on-song with America. Blair should have made the stand, as the rest of the world did, against Bush’s aggression. That stand would have been far more powerful with Britain onside. And who knows, maybe it would have given Bush second thoughts – certainly it would have made the moral equation simpler.

Instead Blair’s choice has made Britain weaker, ultimately it appears as a lackey of the States, and that’s what it is and what it will be until another such situation (God forbid) arises when the test of ‘loyalty’ vs ‘right’ rises again. Loyalty is the attribute of hierarchical societies, of power and control. Right is the attribute of responsible societies where rights are more important than loyalties. We must always question (and break) our loyalties when sustaining them violates others rights, when it harms.



Amnesty International USA is partitioning on domestic political issues such as healthcare reform and Guantanamo - this is excellent. But Amnesty needs to expand its actions further - human rights are compromised on a grander scale than the clear and obvious imprisonment of activists or the denial of medical insurance.

The equal right to opportunity is an essential right but it is constantly violated by enormous income disparity in the United States and elsewhere. It is essential to address this disparity and create a system where we all have equal opportunity.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Total Holiday Mode

In total holiday mode after week at Te Maika (isolated beach-cliff top batch without phone, electricity, running water, and so on) where there is nothing to do but swim, eat, read and drink, basically relax.

Now undergoing gradual emergence into greater productivity mode, although given sustained holiday mode of other NZ inhabitants I may have to just take my good time about it.


Monday, January 11, 2010

The Manifesto Online

I'm experimenting with a brief version of The Common Purpose Manifesto online at The Common Purpose. Perhaps this will help it reach people faster.

However, I still need people to purchase the work; there is no shared base income and I can't survive if people don't fund my product in one way or the other.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

No Friends On Digg!

I can't believe none of my friends are on Digg! I think Digg's great. S'pose I should invite them, but I hate always pushing things. Ah well.


Saturday, January 9, 2010


I'm just mucking around with the 'badge' Ning generates for the OUR SYSTEM network. Go have a look at OUR SYSTEM if you read this.



Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Overwhelming Tide Of Negativity

The overwhelming tide of negativity and ill feeling that comes from people who cannot see outside their own prejudices, who see any form of relationship outside their own experience as wrong and unworkable, who equate divorce with unhappiness and shared parenting as damaging.

Never see yourself through their eyes. Their eyes are blinkered and unknowing and cause the harm they believe they must see.

See yourself through your eyes. Live relationships in which you and your progeny are happy. Disregard and reject the thoughts and slights and attacks of those who believe you must be unhappy and think ill of you.

In other words, be yourself and live your relationships as you see fit. Reject the harm of prejudice and wilful misunderstanding. Be close and open only to those who are tolerant and understanding, only these people can you have good relations with. Accept them and reject the other and you will ride the waves, not be swept away.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010


When even those closest to you doubt you. That is the hardest thing to bear, but it is the most likely thing to happen. Persevere. Have faith in yourself and the world. Never doubt yourself. Never. There is only one person who can know what is right for you, and that is you. No-one else can know you better than you.

I can persevere against letdowns from the world, from refusals, misunderstandings and intolerance from strangers, but doubt from friends and family – that hurts. And yet still I must persevere, because my work is me, what I do is me, this is what I am. And doubting what I do is actually doubting me. Something I cannot afford to do.

Image of Romilly coat of arms with motto - Persevere


The Manifesto - Update

No joy through Berrett-Koehler - that means I'll have to promote and grow the manifesto myself. That's quite a good thing really, quite a challenge, and I like a challenge - there's also no holds barred when you work on your own, with a publisher I could be stepping on other's toes, this way I go forward without fear of tripping on others. The adventure begins. Yeehah!


More Idealistic, Not Less

We need to be more idealistic, not less.

Without idealism we will not strive for how we want things to be, for what could be.

If we don't believe in an idea and have faith that it can happen, it will not. If we want a system of fulfilment without harm for everyone we must strive for it.


Right Not Need

Don’t do what you need to. Do what you feel is right.


Make Change Now

Skepticism about making change seems to be automatic, like, ‘We can’t do it…’, but if everybody thought that nobody would.

Imagine if we all had the self-belief and ambition to believe we could make a change in this world, then we all would try, and the matters that we agree upon would become reality.

I will not be afraid to say that our purpose is 'fulfilment without harm' – IT IS TIME WE REALISED THIS, TIME WE MADE IT HAPPEN. Let us TRY.


My Niche – Thinker About Our System

My niche is in understanding our system; thinking about our system.


Make It Harder To Understand?

Should I make the manifesto harder to understand?

Should I remove pieces? Like James Joyce’s The Artist As A Young Man (aka Stephen Hero), take bits out and make it harder to comprehend; more enigmatic.


To Defeat Bullies

We need to act together to defeat a bully as they tend to be stronger than any one of us; unless we assassinate one, but bullies tend to be paranoid and take great precautions against this kind of thing. Free leaders are more likely to be assassinated because they are open. Also assassination isn’t really our kind of thing.


We May Look For A Fit, But We Must Not Conform

I’d like to be somewhere I fit in. Where me being myself is in harmony with others being themselves. I don’t want to conform and pretend to be someone else, I want somewhere tolerant enough that I can just be me.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Added Google Translation Service

Added Google translation service to this blog (see sidebar, bottom right) and to OUR SYSTEM. Seems to work quite beautifully (though I can't really tell for sure...).


Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to a bright and cheery 2010

Hope none of you had too much to drink by the way... :)

Maybe a New Year resolution's in the offing...?


Scanning Everyone vs Intelligent Profiling

Which should it be - scanning everyone or intelligently profiling the likely suspects? How can we function as a society if we treat everyone as a potential terrorist?