Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Overwhelming Tide Of Negativity

The overwhelming tide of negativity and ill feeling that comes from people who cannot see outside their own prejudices, who see any form of relationship outside their own experience as wrong and unworkable, who equate divorce with unhappiness and shared parenting as damaging.

Never see yourself through their eyes. Their eyes are blinkered and unknowing and cause the harm they believe they must see.

See yourself through your eyes. Live relationships in which you and your progeny are happy. Disregard and reject the thoughts and slights and attacks of those who believe you must be unhappy and think ill of you.

In other words, be yourself and live your relationships as you see fit. Reject the harm of prejudice and wilful misunderstanding. Be close and open only to those who are tolerant and understanding, only these people can you have good relations with. Accept them and reject the other and you will ride the waves, not be swept away.


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