Sunday, February 7, 2010

Publishing An E-book - Issues

Having a few frustrations with the Kindle conversion of The Common Purpose Manifesto from Word. It seems to have no ability to convert HTML lists, so I've just written them manually. It also indents the beginning of every paragraph, but that can be solved by adding and then controlling the text-indent size in the CSS for paragraphs. If you're also trying to publish on Kindle and having problems, and hopefully know a small amount of HTML, then these links can certainly help:

I think I may soon have ironed out most of the issues, but it won't be as good as in print. And the latest version won't be in store (on Amazon) until it has gone through their review process (40 hours or so).

Also note: royalty rates are changing (for the better), but not until June 2010:

And note that Word uses the non-breaking-space inside paragraph tags HTML for line spaces, which doesn't work in Kindle, I'm hoping the break tag will work instead.

Getting there...


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