Saturday, February 13, 2010

Do What You Want To Do

“Determine what you want to do and do what you really want to do, not what your teachers or parents want you to do. ... Look at where you want to be in five or 10 years and make a start in that direction as soon as you can. ... In order to make a difference you have to be different – different thinking, different approach – and don’t be afraid to try to do something that no one else has done.”
Mazlan Othman (Astrophysicist, Professor), University of Otago Magazine, Feb 2010.

You never have to justify yourself to anyone. You are you, be you. It is your choice. If you are conscious of harm, if you are responsible, then the decisions you make are the right decisions for you and your responsibilities.

I make difficult decisions, but they are not things I decide recklessly or unknowingly – as such they are my decisions and my decisions only, I need not justify myself and my actions to anyone I am not responsible for, and I am responsible only to me and my daughter.

To help, heal and enjoy others you must first help, heal and enjoy yourself.

‘I am not responsible for you, you are not under my care; and you are not responsible for me, I am not under your care.’


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