Monday, February 22, 2010

The True Measure Of Success

The only true measure of success is how well we have realised and expressed ourselves in our contribution, in our product, not whether the academy has accredited it or we make a lot of money from it, but whether it is from us and reflects our unique selves. This contribution from us, reflecting and growing our being, is measured by how well it reflects and grows us, a measure only we are the judge of.

To make and continue to make our contribution requires lifelong persistence and commitment. Our success is reliant on how well we can commit to making our contribution, despite adversity.

We need to be careful that our measure of success doesn’t become external factors like peer approval or financial reward because with these we can end up doing work that reflects nothing of ourselves. Indeed, this is highly likely in systems which are too controlled, too dictated by policy and historical forms of organisation and society to allow our complex diversity to flourish.


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