Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Highly Networked, Does Not Mean High Quality

It's odd how oft-times the most networked sites (Facebook pages, Ning networks, LinkedIn groups) are not the best quality sites and, conversely, how often the best quality sites are the least networked.

Sometimes it seems networked equates more with aggressive marketing and publicity rather than quality of product.

It's a bit like the soppy radio songs and idiotically-plotted Hollywood films that still become blockbusters because their marketing and distribution budgets are immense and deployed massively. While the high quality, clever and moving, self-funded, small budget films remain largely confined to film festivals and fringe theatres.

Perhaps the web does help more get out (and certainly it makes it easier for more to be conceived), but there's still obstacles, and massively funded, corporate ventures (and aggressive marketing types) still control much of the space, or do now anyway.


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