Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Liberate Learning

A shared base income liberates us to learn in the ways that we choose, not necessarily through institutions, universities, polytechnics and accredited providers.

We now have the greatest repository of information the world has ever seen. We have websites that link texts in smart ways using the ‘wisdom of crowds’ enabling us to create the best reading lists we could ever imagine, because these reading lists are created by ourselves according to our own interests.

Our interest in whatever subjects interest us is the greatest motivator for learning. Limitations on where we learn and how we learn are simply obstacles to our learning. We can drive our own learning, seek our own findings and take our own direction according to our own interests. The internet makes this possible. We need to liberate funding from its ties to institutions and tie it to people. A shared base income enables us, frees us, to learn and grow and contribute how we wish.

Institutions should be provided as facilities, but not as prerequisites to funding and thus learning. The existing funding system is just an obstacle to our freedom to learn. Take it away and share the income from trade in a base income so that we can all have the freedom to learn and contribute in the ways we are best able. These forms of funding control are no longer needed. We can direct our own learning and co-ordinate and organise in the ways we wish to if we have the security to do so.



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