Monday, March 29, 2010

Manifesto Printing & Distributing Update

Exploring further printing and distribution of the manifesto. Seems off-set printing is the only way to reduce that cost (of printing) to a feasible level.

Nationwide Book Distributors do what appeals to be a fair deal on book distribution (if they accept your book, as, I guess, being feasible in a market sense). If they do, then this is what I shall probably do for New Zealand.

Then, hopefully, I will be able to get a publisher for the US, UK and rest of the world. To start with, I think 'The New Press' seems like the only clear option. So fingers crossed.

On the marketing front, I guess it's all up to me, but I need to have the distribution to back it up (and printing costs at a feasible price per copy) to make a real go of it.


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