Monday, May 10, 2010

Academic & Leader Elitism

This is the idea that society be led by a small bunch of 'leaders' and 'academics' rather than by the activities of us all. An idea promoted, expounded and reinforced by the academics and leaders themselves, justifying their unequal share of the income of our society.

"As ideas permeate down from the academic ivory tower to the street, the pub and the cafe, we can see them begin to affect wider culture and the way we live our lives." Silent Legacy: The unseen ways great thinkers have shaped our culture, Henderson & Fox (2008)

The leadership training camps, the organisational books (all written almost exclusively to management although they comprise the minority of an organisation), the selection of staff by academic qualification and academic 'excellence', the shoving down our throats of people's academic achievements, in general the attributes of a tiny proportion of the population made to legitimise their unequal share of wealth, fame and power.

Some people are so academic they even put footnotes on their letters to their daughters. Everything is in reference and referenced to something else. It's sickening. Why can't these people just explain themselves what they mean? You would think they have their own words, but they seem to feel it more important to impress us with their learning than to simply explain their meaning. Anyone brave enough and articulate enough to expound their own thoughts without reference and quotations, should not be impressed.

That said, the author of the 'letter' above has his heart (and mind) in the right place (although he works with the devil).


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