Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Barry Schwartz On 'Our Loss Of Wisdom'


It is not "service", but aid - we collaborate and help each other, we don't to need to serve each other. (My comment – Barry talks "service")

Rules and financial incentives are what we turn to when things break, but other incentives, 'wise' incentives, can work. (My comment – Barry stresses "no incentives", but I think he's acquainting all incentives with financial or material incentives, which doesn't have to be the case. 'Wise' incentives are essentially not financial, but personal. These incentives are brought to the fore by marginalising or removing financial incentive.)

Rules create mediocrity. He's right there, especially in that they quash innovation by anyone.

The right thing to do. Always an (or the most) important consideration.

Good speaker.

We all need to learn respect for ourselves and each other, and ensure that we never expect more respect than we give. (My comment.)


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