Monday, May 10, 2010

Direct Discussion, Not Discussion Via Other's Ideas

It always bothers me when people who want to talk to me, ostensibly about my work and the ideas in it, bring up the work of other person's as if this is somehow enlightening in the understanding and discussion of my work. It simply isn't. It's hard enough to discuss my work and ideas, along with the thoughts of the converser, without bringing up the ideas of another of whom we almost certainly both understand differently.

If people want to discuss my work with me they need to make their own points, not reference other person's works. I can help add to the clarity of other's understanding of my work by directly discussing the ideas, but it does not add to that clarity to mention third parties, whether others deem their ideas to be similar or not. Direct discussion, direct comprehension.

Let the academics 'put it into context', I don't want any part of that. If other's think it is the same as other writers I have read, then they probably don't really understand it.

What I say is just what I say. It does not need reference to others. It is not what others say, it cannot be extrapolated rightfully into what others say. It is what I say, and what I say is only what I say, no more.


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