Tuesday, May 11, 2010

GAPMINDER & Google Public Data Explorer

Dynamic time series data against a cross-tab of two variables. Very interesting.


There is astonishing information in this. Income distribution is particularly fascinating (http://www.gapminder.org/downloads/income-distribution-2003/). Incomes have grown and while the distribution has not changed much (with exceptions) they have grown as a group. Japan's income growth looks to have been especially even and fair.

Of course stats are virtually always never by individual, and the individuals picture is much more complex with respect of income and wealth (e.g. high income to low income, great wealth to no wealth).

On the data available: What about stress/happiness by income, mental health by income (etc), prison population by income (etc)?

Why aren't mental health, crime and prison population data available?

Plus where's the data on public debt? And money supply? It's almost as if the data that might not give such a positive picture is not available.


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