Monday, May 10, 2010

What Are You In Business To Do?

This is the question to ask no matter what type of business, what type of thing, what type of contribution you make.

'What are you in business to do?' That's what you need to perform against. It's the measure of that performance, from the mouths of those who receive your contribution, that you need to take and use.

But what you are in business to do is your decision. In the beginning you are the creator and the one who sees the need. You are the original customer, client and consumer, who feels the need so greatly and feels so inclined to meet it that you do meet it. 'Is it enough, what more can I do?', always ask yourself and improve. Listen to those that buy your product and feedback (your customers), those that don't buy aren't interested and aren't relevant – you want to listen to those that are do buy and are interested, their feedback is constructive.


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