Tuesday, July 13, 2010

By Living

How do you earn a living? By living.

By contributing as best I can, according to my abilities and where and when I see a need. That is living. If we're not doing that, then we're not really living.

But of course, we all need an income, and how I obtain one remains to be seen.


What Do I Do?

What do I do? I write about (what I think on) society (and economics, law, organisation, and change – our entire system).


The Real War

There's a war going on right now. It's between the system based on financial incentive and greed, and a system based on fulfilment and contribution. It's mainly carried out online, but it needs to happen everywhere.


Before Making Love

I'm a bit old fashioned. I like to be friends with someone before I make love, in fact, I go so far as to say that I like be in love with someone before I make love. Does anyone else (who is even remotely attractive) think this way anymore? (I specify remotely attractive because all the people depicted in television dramas are all attractive and all sleep with each other at the first opportunity).


OUR PREROGATIVE (To Contribute In The Best Way We Can)

I want to contribute in the best way I can (where and when I see a need). This is a prerogative for all people.


Reject Harm But Tolerate Difference

Reject harm but tolerate (even embrace) difference. Learn from it.

Difference is not harmful in itself.


Ways Of Seeing The World

I don't see the world in the same way as a lot of other people see it (certainly not economists!).

I see success as being able to contribute as ourselves, and its reward as fulfilment not finance.


Feel Free

When I'm in England I feel free. I will try to feel that way here more.


Make The Incentive Fulfilment By 'Contribution'

I want our incentive to emphasise contribution, how we want to contribute, where and when we see a need.


A Reasonable Rate Of Return (RRR)

Producers should aim to achieve (pursue) a reasonable rate of return that is shared equally within the organisation.

There is a tendency among producers to keep prices high even when costs are covered and demand is easily met. There is a profit maximisation philosophy that is asserted by business professionals and sometimes justified with 'reward for risk' type maxims.

It is a philosophy bolstered and reinforced by the framework of public shareholder investors whose only collective concern is maximising their rate of return.

When a good or service become enormously popular its costs per unit drop, but this does not flow into a drop in price unless there is competition from a competitor with significant market share. Rather the business organisation maximises its income for profits and superfluous, wasteful spending, some of which is even spent removing competitors through buy-outs.

If, instead, a reasonable rate of return was accepted, then as costs per unit drop so the price per unit would fall. Profits levels would be only reasonable and the organisation would engage in no unnecessary spending or have the income to buy-out competitors.

However, if profit maximisation is the ethos, then a business organisation will do all it can to attain an advantage which reduces the ability of others businesses to compete with its product, so that it can gain major market share, which, once gained, tends to maintain itself for the advantages to the consumer of using what everyone else is using, an advantage strengthened by the profit-maximising organisation making it's product incompatible with any new or remaining competitors.


Intelligence No Reliable Predictor Of Behaviour

Even very intelligent people can behave very poorly in their relationships and behaviour to others.


A Shared Base Income Is Also A Resident Income

The shared base income could be tied to passport entry and exit, so that while out of the country payments would be halted (perhaps after a set period of time) until returning. This would disallow non-residents from claiming the income overseas. An essential component of the income is that it is spent locally, this means the money continues to fund economic growth here (in New Zealand or the UK or whatever country we implement this) and is not a drain on the economy.

One would need permanent residence status in the country to receive the income, but I see no reason why one would have to be a citizen.


Friends First

I like to be friends with someone, even love someone, before I 'make love' with someone.


A World Where We Are Free (No Permission Required)

A world where we don't have to ask permission to be ourselves, to make the contribution we want; we just can.

That's the world I want to make.

However, it isn't a world where we are free to be wrong, where we are free to be inconsiderate. It is a world where we are free to add as ourselves, without harm.


Monday, July 5, 2010

CEO's & Income Inequality

Given the lovely nature of all the CEO's on your program (The Bottom Line), why do they accept income inequality in their respective organisations?

They are supposed to be change-makers, cultivators of innovation, leaders; so why do they not lead on this?

The standard argument that their organisation wouldn't attract the required talent doesn't wash given that they are the supposed talent.

Do they believe they contribute so much more than others?

Could it be that the acceptance of inequality (and greater income for managers) by consecutive CEOs (and other managers) leads to patterns of ever greater inequality? Why do they not take the lead and reduce this inequality across the board and, most especially, for themselves?


Politics, Complicity & Pogroms

The bold actions of Mr Georgiou no doubt have the potential to seriously limit his capacity to influence his party in the future. His decision to cross the floor in 2006 would have similarly cost him power within his camp. He could have kept his mouth shut, risen through the ranks and hoped that with more power he could do what he believed was best, compromising until the time was right. But instead he has cultivated the very ground that democracy flourishes in, demonstrating deep respect for the gravitas of public office. Such moments, even if their consequences can't be quantified, are what strikingly feed and strengthen the political culture. Maxim 'Real Issues' (#360)

That's an interesting analysis by Maxim, that "He could have kept his mouth shut, risen through the ranks and hoped that with more power he could do what he believed was best, compromising until the time was right." But how would the 'electorate' have viewed his complicity in the final analysis? Plus, it is the complicity of those that do just such a thing that cost the lives and careers of those who take a stand on principle at the first step. By not supporting and joining the dissent when it matters, right at the beginning, the dissent may be crushed, and the pogrom completed.

The trouble, of course, is that the powers-in-office also can also control the media and even the general ethos of the public-in-general. In this light, pogroms can be carried and even sanctioned by the majority. In this light, standing-up, is standing-up to be mown down – it is suicide. A sacrifice that will not be understood by nearly all at the time, and with no definite outlook to there being any greater understanding in the future either.

Standing up to capitalism or, at least, the capitalism of not sharing profits and income, may be equated with this level of isolation against popular public belief at this time, to some extent anyway. People do not see the need for change, and so will not. Most people do not want change, unless the status-quo goes very wrong indeed.


Sport & Booze & Porn – Is This All Men Are?

Sport & booze – is that all men are about? Don't say "Sex". Perhaps it's the perceived meaningless of most work that makes seeking real meaning worthless - better to dash one's brains out with booze and sport, rather than have spare time filled with thought on what one's actually doing.


Pornography & Harm

Why does so much pornography involve harm?

So much of it is about hurt. So much of it seems to be about hurting. No wonder sex usually appears like someone is getting hurt – they are getting hurt! Where is the gentle? Where is the caring, the affection, the love? I see none of it. And this is not just in the porn classified as porn, but in the soft porn included in movies and television programs. It's all just rapid thrusting. There's nothing slow, nothing gentle, nothing circuitous, it's just immediate in-and-out, in-and-out, hard-as-able to the sound of grunts, cries and moans. If this is what 'making-love' is meant to be then I want none of it. It doesn't have to be this way. It's bizarre that this is the way people who produce the visual media feel it is done. What's wrong with slow and luxurious, with such a casual confidence that we can take our time and show the respect to express genuine affection on both sides?


Resource Control & Wrong

We fear those who have too great a share of resources and who control access to them.

How can we speak up to these people? If they even only exclude us from the use of their resources we shall be greatly disadvantaged. They need do no more than this and we will be harmed.

No-one person, no-one organisation, should be able to bar anyone from any resources. We must be able to criticise those who do wrong. The trouble is that we naturally fear those who do wrong, as they have already shown by their actions that they are not afraid to do wrong, a wrong would that likely include wrong-doing towards us if we spoke against them.



It is time to stop seeing the only way of contributing as being in a job. There are ways to contribute, ways to be in business, ways of doing, that don't require us to work as servants, but allow us to contribute as equals.

But when we do choose to work in jobs (or, more accurately, to contribute in organisations collectively), we need to take hold of our employment contracts and use them to empower ourselves so that we are treated as equals. This is our right. It is not something we should surrender simply because another holds the resources.

We have the right to our own ideas, these should never be surrendered to another, only shared with all.


Fluorescent Jumpsuits

American's and their dehumanising fluorescent jumpsuits for prisoners. People need to be treated like human beings. This doesn't do that.



The freedom to contribute how we want in a way that realises our potential and makes a contribution according to who we are, and where and when we see a need.

This is what capitalism has helped give, and it is in the degree to which it has given us this freedom to contribute that we have been able to grow. But it is not enough, we have much further growth to make and for that we need much greater freedom: freedom that enables the incentive of contribution to outweigh the financial incentive so that we all contribute to creating a system that enables us all to contribute in ways that reflect what we have to give according to who we are, what we want to do, and where and when we see a need.


Britain And Europe

It's better to be Britain and Europe, not just Europe.


Thoughts On benwallace13

I wonder about benwallace13 and how open I should be with what I write in here…

If I was to telegraph its contents to the world I would feel like I had no privacy, and as if I were shouting about me. It is enough that I am open, to telegraph it just feels like self-promotion. The difficult line is between what is my work and what is personal. This site fudges that line. But the fact is that the work in it is very formative, such that I don't feel instantly like I would back it or that it would stand up to examination or to more thought.

At the same time I enjoy the liberation of putting my fresh thoughts out there for people to find, of 'publishing' them in this way. But I think it is better that perhaps they may be found, rather than I telegraph or advertise them, on Twitter for instance. That's my reserve. I know that many others would show no restraint about matters far more personal, but that doesn't seem to be the way I am.


Champion Free-Of-Constraint Methods Of Contribution

I'm not keen on the use of publishers.

I'm not keen on those that set themselves up as gatekeepers to a discipline or to contribution.

Serving the public means serving the writers and the purchasers. The filter must be by the purchaser, not by the publisher or the distributor or by the bookshop. If traditional, physical means of delivery cannot deal with delivering this freedom, then they limit freedom.

I would like to champion the free-of-constraint methods for contribution as much as possible.

I want to avoid all means by which I am required to ask permission to make my contribution. I want to use, to patronise means that enable contribution, not those that limit it.

These means must entail that the cost of delivery is ever reduced through scale, automation and related technologies.


Star-Shaped Tower (Sichuan Province, China)

"Western Sichuan's star-shaped Bamei tower, restoration of which was completed last year, likely was built in the 13th or 14th century."
Unravelling A Riddle In Plain Site, SCIENCE, 7 May 2010, p685

It's looks surreal, like something out of a fantasy of medieval Asia.


Peter Drucker

"…the best guide through rough waters is a clear and meaningful purpose."

Most of all he might say, "Look at the underlying systems."

"The magazine (Harvard Business Review) highlights that Drucker rarely named or blamed individuals. He saw root causes in the design of organisations. It was all about process."

Legends of the fall (Listener, 5 Jun 2010, http://www.listener.co.nz/issue/3656/features/15546/legends_of_the_fall.html)


Universal Equality Of Opportunity

Universal healthcare, universal education, universal income.

The last is most important, because with the last we can have all the others, but it's the last we still don't have.


American Healthcare

America has it's healthcare priorities wrong. It focuses more on discovering new and better ways to care over actually delivering care. In other words, care in America is not universal, some will die so others can live healthier lives. It is a system targeted towards the those with the highest incomes.


Weaknesses In Technology Adoption

"Reiser is at his best when reviewing how a particular technology was developed, how it was advanced, and how it can be indicative of the general process of technological adoption. …he points out the tendency of advocates of these technologies to attack existing approaches in favour of increasingly scientific and objective tools. Thus, advocates of the stethoscope pointed out the weakness of relying on the patient's story, and those of the x-ray criticized physicians who relied solely on the stethoscope and the senses. "It has become the norm in the battle for the succession of technologies in medicine," Reiser concludes, "to have winners and losers."

The Impacts Of Innovation, SCIENCE, 30 Apr 2010, p570. (http://www.sciencemag.org/cgi/content/full/sci;328/5978/570)


Abbreviated Lives In Fiction

Lives and living is so abbreviated in films, television and even books.

There is less tolerance for unlikely scenarios in the visual format, but there is every expectation that anything mundane to the essential action will be left out.

What I like about the Lord Of The Rings in the animated version, is the way that it plays to the emotive sense using unusual visual art to express what was meant to be felt (or supposed to have been according to the director) in the book.


Friday, July 2, 2010

I Hate Permission

I hate trying to gain permission for anything I should not need to ask permission for.


Self-Publishing (John Milton)

John Milton on self-publishing (Wikipedia)
The first systematic defence of one’s right to publish, John Milton’s self-published Areopagitica of 1644, identified three areas of tension, political, business, and academic, that render self-publishing highly controversial.

Survival of an ideology-based state hinges on its tight control of ideas, which is impossible to affect if self-publishing is allowed: “it is of greatest concernment in the Church and Commonwealth, to have a vigilant eye how books demean themselves as well as men … I know they are as lively, and as vigorously productive, as those fabulous Dragons teeth; and being sown up and down, may chance to spring up armed men.”

Business-wise, a viable option of self-publishing undermines the entire business model used by publishers, “publicans that have the tunaging and the poundaging (i.e., taxing) of all free spoken truth,” in which publisher wedges himself between the author and the public, and uses his position as marketplace’s gatekeeper to take most of the profits generated by sales of a book.

And finally, self-publishing flies in the face of the notion of professionalism, which acknowledges only the credentialed authorities in a given subject-matter as permissible contributors to the public debate and public instruction. As to the non-professionals, “What need they torture their heads with that which others have taken so strictly, and so unalterably into their own purveying”?

Source: Print On Demand, Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-publishing#Print_on_Demand_.28POD.29)


Expect To Succeed

How can we keep trying if we don't believe in ourselves and expect success?

'Wink And Grow Rich' is wrong with the "expect to fail" advice: expect to succeed and keep trying!

Commit everything, let go and, "use the force", take off the trainer wheels, the guidelines, the crutches, and trust in yourself.

Not even trying, because we expect to fail or are afraid to fail, guarantees we fail.


PS - As soon as we've started we're succeeding, because success is about doing what we want to do - if we're doing that, then we're succeeding.