Monday, July 5, 2010

Thoughts On benwallace13

I wonder about benwallace13 and how open I should be with what I write in here…

If I was to telegraph its contents to the world I would feel like I had no privacy, and as if I were shouting about me. It is enough that I am open, to telegraph it just feels like self-promotion. The difficult line is between what is my work and what is personal. This site fudges that line. But the fact is that the work in it is very formative, such that I don't feel instantly like I would back it or that it would stand up to examination or to more thought.

At the same time I enjoy the liberation of putting my fresh thoughts out there for people to find, of 'publishing' them in this way. But I think it is better that perhaps they may be found, rather than I telegraph or advertise them, on Twitter for instance. That's my reserve. I know that many others would show no restraint about matters far more personal, but that doesn't seem to be the way I am.


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