Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Help, Want & Contribution

Help other people, give them what they want. My compass for what they want, is what I want. Is that valid? I think so...

But of course others may not want what I give. Despite this I still do it (write about our system) as I also do it for myself. Lots of people have produced good things others didn't want at the time. Sometimes, much later, others do want them; but I guess with some things that is never the case. That doesn't make the expression, writing or contribution, invalid or unsatisfactory for the contributor, it's just that the product is not wanted (or just not noticed) at the time.

What is required is that the people who want the product are reachable and can find it when they want it if they are any that do.


Thinking Time

The best time for thinking is when lying down in bed before going to sleep (so gotta make sure you get to bed early).



Moral support, or a version of this, which is lending encouragement to what others do, for who others are. This costs us nothing, but gives so much.


Managing Flow

Not managing people, managing flow: the flow of work through the organisation. Also the flow of people through the organisation.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Good Storyteller

A good storyteller does not just read the words.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Work Morphs

Work as we know it will diminish and be replaced by other forms. That's always happened, and is always happening.


Try More Than Once

Stupidity is expecting the same result every time from the same experiment. Wile E Coyote is an excellent example. You've got to try one thing many times to get to know whether it really works as you predict, anomalies can occur.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

On A Shoestring

Enable the great things that are done on a shoestring.


Respect For Life

We are all living things. We kill if we need to, but not for sport or for humour.


Security & A Degree Of Certainty

These we value high, perhaps highest of all things. Without them our thoughts are troubled and misaligned.


Lust & Greed

Primal desires. They're at work in everybody, but I don't think they need to override our thoughts if we are enabled (by security) to think for ourselves and be ourselves.


Power Worship

I do not worship something because it is more powerful than me, but power worship certainly seems to have been a component of our past.


New Bank Products

Without the new bank products my worry over the exchange rate would never have been a worry I could do anything about, and I would have put it aside. But with these new products I worry constantly about when to fix and if to fix.

I wonder if these new products don't also exacerbate, by their very construction, the volatility of the markets themselves, so in a looped feedback way increasing both the need for the product and the volatility of the market.


The Inflexibility Of Jobs

Must be 9 to 5 in the office (or more like 8.30 to 5.30 now-a-days). I can't stand that constriction.


Group Approval

Clique and group approval. It is almost a requirement to greater recognition. The problem is that it is given to those already in the clique, already in the group. If they hold the route to publicity and promotion then contributions from others can be effectively sidelined, silenced, and ignored.


The Media Ascribes Motives

The media continuously ascribes motives that the players do not own in order to make stories more interesting, more scandalous, and more sensational.


Everything Is So Confined

Everything feels so CONFINED. I just want to write about society and inform, but my lack of income keeps shunting me into organisations and administrations I don't want to join with their proscriptions on how I live.