Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Publicising & Networking May Not Lead To Acceptance

I wonder if trying to promote my work, networking and so forth, is completely detracting from my pursuit of understanding. There is a chance this is so. But surely it's right to want my contribution heard and perhaps even make a difference? And don't I learn by trying to disseminate my understanding?

"A gentleman can be cultivating a way for himself; he can outline and summarise what he has learned, and gather all the strands and sort them into principles. Yet people will not always accept what he can teach them. Now it seems that you are not pursuing self-understanding. Rather, you seek to have your ideas gain acceptance. Your goal is not far enough!" p108, Confucius, The Authentic Confucius, Annping Chin (2007).

Actually this is not anti-publicity quote, it's an anti-demanding acceptance quote. No-one's ideas are entitled to automatic acceptance, however, we should be able to get a hearing, and that is hard enough.


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