Monday, December 27, 2010

We Really Are Going To Die

Nobody thinks they're going to die, before they die, and then it's too late, to do anything about it. If you're gonna fight, you're gotta fight now, when you know the system's wrong, not when it's too late to do anything.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Business Books

The worst thing about business books it that they are nearly all written to corporate managers who think themselves leaders, rather than to all people.

The reality is we are all leaders in our own arenas.


Don't Be Formulaic, Be Yourself

Don't write in a formulaic way (not even CVs and cover letters).

Be yourself, write naturally and honestly. Be true.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Knowledge As Product

When knowledge is the product, productivity is limitless.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Improvement PLUS Time

Improving the system does not immediately repair all the damage done by the old system. Only time with a better system will improve that.


Ourselves & Our Families First

It is ourselves and our families first before others in most people's lives. We don't consider others as our brothers and sisters. Until this changes, how can we share?


Friday, December 10, 2010

Julian Assange Sex Charges

Discreetly (I assume) not wearing a condom when asked to in consensual sex. Hardly rape, but what is it?

Making love to someone who was asleep. I assume they wake up? After that it's either consensual or not. From the sound of this case, it was consensual. I admit I've done the same. I wasn't charged with rape (we went out for many months after). She thought it was hot. We didn't bother with a condom at any point either (that I can remember) and that was only a tacit agreement.

Julian's alleged 'crimes' raise interesting questions on trust, implicit and explicit understandings, different interpretations of events, and what is rape.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Truth & Freedom

When did this slip from America's vocabulary? Christ, even Obama's?


Time For A Break

I'm in definite need of a short hiatus from the whirlwind of internet linking and unlimited information.


Monday, December 6, 2010

If you ever have trouble loading pages due to it may just be your router. Try rebooting it (turning it off, pause, and on). This did it for me. Lord knows why, or what this means:

A world of dew,
and within every dewdrop
a world of struggle


Best Bob Marley Quote?

"Love the life you live, live the life you love."


We Can Change The Rules

We can change the rules. We can even realise what the rules should be.


Hold In There

Keep doing the work you want to do. Just keep holding in there. Delay, delay, delay doing anything else and eventually, you may end up doing only the work you want.


Is The Media Really Interested In The Truth?

Does the media prefer to know the truth or to live in vigorous speculation? This speculation is more work and makes more news than actual reality supplies. And more news generates more money and thus more incomes for more journalists. So is it better not to actually know what is really thought and said – which might be rather mundane, conforming to what is expected – as then there is ample room for debate about what is 'going on' and 'being thought'?


Banality Shows, Not Reality Shows

Sometimes I wonder if these are all that they are, but then again, sometimes there is something to learn from some of these.



You can't rush it and mustn't try to rush it. The time it takes is the time it takes and the time it is meant to take.

And things have to be done at the time they feel right to be done.


Hard Work Is Irrelevant

If you're doing what you want to do, you'll always work 'hard' at it, even though that hard work doesn't feel hard.

If you're doing what you want to do you're always working on it, thinking about it, doing it.


I Am Irrational

To survive (find fulfilment) in an irrational system (one set up for the pursuit of money rather than fulfilment) you have to be irrational and pursue fulfilment anyway.


The Money Distraction

We get distracted from our fulfilment by an intermediary, which is money. It can distract us from ever fulfilling our potential.



I want to work as an equal. This entails asking to work with people, not for them.


The Universe Is Infinite Over Infinite Time

If our universe is infinite in the sense that everything which could exist does exist, then we're in trouble. But if rather it is infinite in the sense that is limitless, that we have a finite amount today but there is no limit on the future, then we are fine. The universe is expanding onto infinity, there are no limits on the future, but not everything that could be is now present (however, over an infinite amount of time there is a possibility that anything could happen eventually).

So the universe is infinite over infinite time; however, we have not had infinite time, so the universe is finite up to the finite amount of time we have had so far.


Considering Our System In The Light Of Our Purpose

My ideas on a shared base income came from considering our system in light of what purpose it should serve.

I didn't come to this from studying sociology or other fields academically. It was a result of thought on our system in the light of human purpose and how this purpose can be achieved.

A shared base income was a practical requirement of a system that enables everyone to find fulfilment without harm. Fulfilment being found by making our best contribution through doing what we do best, without harm to others.