Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Can I Usefully Use The Tools Of Economists?

I need to tackle the arguments of economists using their own tools against them.

But I also need to show that the meanings of growth, productivity, work and value are changing and that there is more to our system than money, i.e. we need to change the priority of our system (fulfilment via contribution before money) and the pre-eminent measure (fulfilment, not money). With this aim, can I still use the tools of economists?

I guess the reason (for using these tools) to is to show how this is all relevant to what is the current concept of the economy. And I guess part of the reason I haven't is the fundamental difference between measuring dollars and measuring fulfilment – one is so much more important than the other. The other being what should be only a tool to help facilitate fulfilment.

There is a powerful superiority of economics over sociology, which is perverse given that sociology has the wider perspective and the higher purpose. Economics is the interpretation of society into monetary measures which matter to business and (perhaps because of this) are assumed to be far more practical, but sociology is the understanding of society (and our system) according to people (in which the measures are not necessarily dollars), and so, given that people should be first in our system, it should have the greater weight, but economics still trumps it, for now.


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