Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Default To Sharing

This is what the web should be. Individuals are empowered when that is the default, because it empowers individual communication amongst the largest community.

Default to privacy advantages the silos, the controllers and the commanded collectives. Secrecy seeds power to controllers.

It is true that openness makes us vulnerable to those who punish it, those who demand secrecy. But when enough people are open and sharing, then openness and sharing is rewarded by being a part of that community, by participating in that sharing.

It is those who wish to falsely limit the supply of ideas in order to maintain their control over it for their own purposes of advantage, those people who are already, in the traditional world, in positions of power, that benefit from secrecy and seeding the fear of openness and sharing. We should resist this fear if we want freedom.

The privacy laws of the EU are mistaken. The web is right to default to sharing when it can. It's the way that information is used that should be protected – i.e. not harmfully – not that information be unavailable.


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  1. Default to other things, such as download or install, is not okay however. The number of times I've installed unwanted toolbars in Firefox is irritating me. Fortunately, in regard to downloads, the browser itself generally gives a warning, otherwise, no doubt, there'd be a world of trouble.


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