Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Discovery, Theory, Invention, Discovery, Theory, Invention…

Discovery is looking and finding.

Theory is thinking and proposing.

Invention is building technology.

Discoveries fuel new theories which fuel new inventions which fuel new discoveries which fuel new theories…

"An ingenious new tool triggers a cascade of new insights."
"In the past 10 years, new ways of gathering, analyzing, storing, and disseminating information have transformed science. Researchers generate more observations, more models, and more automated experimentation than ever before, creating a data-saturated world. The Internet has changed how science is communicated and given non-scientists new opportunities to take part in research. Whole new fields, such as network science, are arising, and science itself is becoming more of a network—more collaborative, more multidisciplinary—as researchers recognize that it takes many minds and varied expertise to tackle complex questions about life, land, and the universe."
SCIENCE, Stepping Away From The Trees For A Look At The Forest (17 Dec 2010)


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