Tuesday, February 15, 2011


"Feminists always claim that they are about equality for men and women. So they could be using their voice to ask why men account for 90% of the homeless and what can be done to help them. Or highlighting how men commit suicide four times as often as women and what support measures need putting in place for vulnerable, abused men. But, no. Instead they focus on nonsense like this. Aimed at chastising men for being men."
- Comment by Jim on an article about John Key calling Liz Hurley "Hot" (and being called "sexist" for doing this).

I rather like this commment. It reminds of all the problems we haven't dealt with. Funnily, it is probably at least because we live in a still somewhat 'masculine' society that homelessness and suicide are still so prevalent in men. Although that's reading 'masculine' as hierarchical, domineering and uncaring, which it doesn't have to be. And it would change from this if we were to deal directly with these social issues by creating a more equal society. 'Masculine' and 'feminine' are in reality not helpful terms.


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