Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Maybe I'm wrong to make it fulfilment. Maybe understanding was right. Maybe that's not just my realised higher purpose, but the higher purpose of people in common… Maybe by broadening it to fulfilment I've left out the higher importance of understanding which is the consequence of fulfilment… Maybe fulfilment doesn't give enough direction…

Perhaps I should be more specific and make it understanding… Perhaps the difficulty with understanding is now a product of poor educational methods and not a broad enough concept of what understanding is? If a broad concept of understanding is made then perhaps it is not elitist or exclusionary…

But then I think there is still a much greater danger of misunderstanding, and a potential that all I would be doing is putting my work, my more specific purpose, above the general and common purpose of fulfilment without harm in which everyone can find a path. And this error is surely the error of most thinkers in the past.

Understanding is the primary outcome, among other outcomes, because we are primarily a thinking animal, above all other traits, and above all other animals. But that doesn't mean it is the primary means to fulfilment for every human being.


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