Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Understand, an interesting word. Stand under, underneath the surface are the workings, see beneath the superficial.

It is not an overbearing word, or a controlling word.



Strangulophobia – morbid fear of strangulation. From the Latin 'strangulo' and the Greek 'Phobos' (god of fear) .

A good term to use if you have an aversion to wearing ties (due to the medical condition strangulophobia).

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Not Much Sparking Me

I don't seem to have much sparking me off at the moment.

Is it because that matters relating to our system and organisation development just aren't discussed much?

Yes, but why?

They just aren't 'events' and only events make the news, which is a bit disastrous, as only what makes the news makes national coverage and becomes very widely debated. So we don't get any real change to (or discussion and debate on) the system, the one thing that actually makes a real difference to people's lives in the long term.


Online, Enduring, Non-Anonymous Discussion ('Survey')

Online, open and enduring survey on organisational issues, which can be reviewed and added to. Non-anonymous …

The LinkedIn group discussions are a kind of model which might be useful. It would be useful to have the whole organisation on LinkedIn.

Using existing social media.

This is 'action research' in action. Discussion by the 'crowd' for the 'crowd' or for the organisation by the organisation (meaning, by its members, not just by its management).


Correct Contradictions, Don't Force Them

Do what is possible, not what is impossible. Correct contradictions through wisdom, insight and mindfulness. They cannot be overcome by force of will or impatience. Ignore any jeering from the sidelines.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Change Is Now

Change is always happening.

Change is happening right now.

We're making change just doing what we're doing now, by every little input of effort in any direction.

Our system is under constant change, but which way it moves depends on the total strength of forces for and against every direction.


Needs Based Learning

Autodidactic, self-directed. Free, efficient, effective.


Share Collective Responsibility

Sharing collective responsibility entails sharing information, on what needs to be done and how we are doing as an organisation, with the organisation, and deciding on and committing to what needs to be done as an organisation, with the organisation.


Is Capitalism Via Business Studies The Answer?

Is capitalism through business studies (broadly speaking) finding all the answers to our problems, via the catalyst of the web?


Convergence In Business & Organisation Theory

It's interesting how there is a convergence of theories that entails empowering staff, whether it is from getting customer referrals, creating fulfilling workplaces, influencing business performance, increasing productivity or improving customer service – they all now invoke similar democratic mechanisms, more or less, for achieving this. But then of course, good business is good business, and good organisation is good organisation.

It's probably a good thing they're heading this way before online sharing tools like Facebook and Twitter make it imperative that they head this way. Either way, personal and business interests are aligning.


Outside The Current Paradigm

It really difficult to think (let alone write) outside the current paradigm.


There's Always Work To Do

There's always work to do. Just because there's a recession doesn't mean that aren't things that need to be done. The trouble is there's no income to do it. A secure shared base income can be a buffer against this.


Mutual Confirmation

Perhaps this is the most important thing out of a positive relationship – mutual confirmation, mutual validation, mutual reinforcement. If this isn't there, then what's the point? But it requires that each listens to the other, it cannot be without understanding of each other – you cannot confirm, validate and reinforce what you do not know.


Magnify Your Strengths

Everybody has weaknesses, no one is strong at everything.

Magnify your strengths, have them outshine and overshadow your weaknesses.