Tuesday, April 26, 2011

IQ Cognitive Ability Tests

Basically you make a list of mathematical or 'verbal' or whatever questions, then ask a lot of people them and the average becomes the 'norm' which is 100. wow.

How actually meaningful is it to know that someone scores high or low on the test (above or below the norm) or that this has any consequences for anything they do elsewhere? I don't know, but probably not terribly meaningful at all.

Just another way of filtering people out really. But of course the test retailers will tell us they accurately predict job performance.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Quite A Month

It's been quite a month: moving down to Auckland by car, staying in a hostel(s), finding a flat, moving in, looking for work, waiting on PhD entrance acceptance, about (hopefully) to find work, daughter starting school, looking (not finding anyone) for a 'relationship', then driving back to AK to pick up rest of gear (with daughter) to bring back to Wellington, .... and on...

So I haven't been posting much on this outlet recently (though I've probably got plenty I could) - I have been posting creatively elsewhere however on OUR SYSTEM and others (which if you're interested in I'm sure you can find).