Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How To Insert A New Blank Page On Your iPhone

This is if you want to insert a new blank page between iPhone pages so that you can easily manage, sort and order your iPhone app icons in the way most convenient to you.

I tried to search for an answer to this and couldn't find any that answered the question easily. A lot were about inserting an iPhone page that stayed blank, but this is about inserting a page between other pages so that you can sort you app icons onto that new page, keeping them up the front (without having to move every single icon down a page to make room - which would be a real pain if you've got a lot of icons).

Anyway, the solution is simple. Open your iPhone (or iPad) in iTunes. Go to the Apps tab. On your computer screen in iTunes you will see a horizontal column of iPhone screens in miniature. Scroll down this and you will see a grey iPhone screen at the bottom. You can drag this grey screen up through the column and put it wherever you would like a new blank screen. Then simply click on the screen from where you want to shift your icons. This will show that screen in larger size on the left of the miniature icons. Drag the icons you want to the new page you've created, and you're done!

Hopefully this will help the iPhone user who also asked this question here:



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