Sunday, February 26, 2017

These are my mantras

I'm not sure why I'm sharing these.

They feel more personal than anything else I ever have. But maybe there's some reason to. I constantly review them.

We are 
All children of life (be it, see it).
I am
True (to life, to love, to myself, to others).
Strong (thru humility, integrity, and love).
Real (me, authentic, loving, good).
Whole (child-self adult-mind parent-able).
One (align’ with life, harmonious, natural).
Healthy (moderate, calm, trim 75kg).
Credible (considered & committed).
I believe (love & trust) 
In life (serve life, study life, live).
In myself (grow without harm).
In others (grow them).
In beauty (protect & grow it).
I will
Serve life (trust life, survive and thrive, live).
Contribute my best to life (grow all).
Do with love what feels right (in sync).
Lead, influence, or let go (never worry).
Say, what's needed & why (inform clearly)


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