Saturday, September 16, 2017

Fulfilment with love (to ourself and others)

Fulfilment without harm has a bonus in that it also allows us to assert that we should also refuse harm to ourselves (not just to not harm others). However, fulfilment with love is more active in the sense that we actively love (i.e. grow, cherish, help), rather than just not harm, others. This is also a positive. But does fulfilment with love have the assertion to not tolerate harm to ourselves?

Yes, if you include ’self-love’ in fulfilment with love, and we should. So if you read fulfilment with love, as fulfilment with love to others and yourself (meaning that you do not harm others and do not allow others to harm you, because you love others and yourself) then that would work. But would that necessitate that you love yourself more than others?

No, you can love others as much as you love yourself, but not more. This means you would not harm others, as you love them, but also that you would not allow harm to yourself, even if this means resisting the harm from others (you don’t hit back, but you do restrain their efforts to hit you; you don’t attack back, but you do negate their attacks on you). More than not harming others and yourself though, or allowing harm to yourself or others (note that this aspect means you should intervene in a non-harmful way to protect others from harm, which requires a lot of courage), you also love them, so you help them, cherish them, grow them. (Note, it follows from all this that you do need to love yourself first, though not more, in order to love others.)

Obviously all this is relating to all this: The Common Purpose Manifesto


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